Nov 16, 2013

SUSECon '13 - Final day

It's Friday - the final day of SUSECon. The closing keynote was by Lew Tucker from Cisco who's also the OpenStack Vice Chairperson.

He gave a great overview of cloud computing and OpenStack - and how Cisco plays a role in it. He also cited some impressive numbers on network traffic world wide.
It was interesting to see that Cisco UCS has an API that you can use to manage the Cisco hardware.
Also a demo was shown that showed the integration of Cisco UCS together with SUSE Cloud - and SUSE Manager and SUSE Studio for a complete lifecyle management.

At the end of the keynote the video "What's the Chameleon Say" was shown. SUSE's Russ Dastrup wrote a great script and filmed the  initial version  with his kids and some friends - and then during SUSECon filmed the version below with participants.

Btw. additional videos are available from the SUSEvideo channel on YouTube.

I attended then the session called "wicked trip into wicket network management". Olaf Kirch and Matthias Eckermann explained the complexities of networking on Linux and how the ifcfg framework will be replaced for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 by a new concept called "wicked". Wicked uses a wickedd daemon and a wicked command line utility to manage complex network setup.  It handles renames of interfaces and can be configured by both config files and via dbus. The package wicked is available for installation in openSUSE 13.1 from the Open Build Service.

Thus ends my report from SUSECon '13. If you like to see more photos, check my updated gallery.

Nov 15, 2013

SUSECon '13 - third day

Thursday morning started for me with a presentation titled "Intel and OpenStack: Contributions and challenges". Krish Raghuram explained not only how Intel helps OpenStack to work great on Intel hardware but also how Intel uses OpenStack internally. For example, they have their own OpenStack private cloud where they run 1,500,000 (hope I got all the zeros right;-) VMs across data centers. Interesting was the concept of geolocation in the cloud: With trusted computing, an image can be encrypted and then will only run in certain geos, e.g. countries. If only the diagram wouldn't look that complex...

The next presentation I attended was by Udo Seidel about "Petabyte scale out Rocks - Ceph as Replacement for Openstack's Swift and Co". He first introduced ceph and explained how it's scalable, has a flexible configuration and not a single point of failure. Ceph can also be used in OpenStack as an alternative to OpenStack Object Storage (Swift), as backend for OpenStack Block Storage (cinder) and
also as storage for OpenStack Image Service (glance).  A single backend for these kinds of storage is a quite clever idea.

I listened again into our SLE 12 systems management outlook session and was happy that I had the evening off - and concluded the evening with a good time at the pool looking at the moon, swimming, sliding and talking.

Photos from the day have been added again to my gallery.

Nov 14, 2013

SUSECon '13 - second day

Today's program at SUSECon '13 had one major topic: SUSE Cloud and thus OpenStack: First I listened to two presentations about Apache Stratos, an PaaS solution that can be used on top of OpenStack. I was impressed by the level of process integration they have, how they can support devops and how they integrated java. Then, I listened to a presentation about the Cisco and OpenStack. A SUSE Cloud installation is nicely integrated with Cisco UCS and then there's the option to scale OpenStack networking with Cisco Nexus routers. Next was the exception to the rule: A presentation about SUSE's changes for system management in SUSE Linux Enterprise 12. Afterwards it was back to OpenStack - this time the VMware story where networking with NXS (formerly Nicira) and VMware vSphere integration was presented - and the SUSE Cloud integration using VMware as hypervisor was demoed.

The day closed with a visit to Disney's Epcot park where we even did a test drive of a "self designed" car.
Photos from the day have been added to my gallery.

Nov 13, 2013

SUSECon '13

Yesterday I flew to Orlando, Florida for SUSEcon '13 and today the conference started.

The opening keynote had two fun videos: "What Does the Chameleon Say?" and "Chameleon Dance". At the end of the second video most people turned their heads to the entrance of the hall to expect the chameleon to come in - but that did not happen. But the chameleon showed up at the evening pirate party.

In the exhibition hall I showed and discussed SUSE Cloud 2.0 - our OpenStack based cloud product - and SUSE Studio - the great image/appliance building tool with customers.

I attended two presentations: Jos Poortvliet and Robert Schweikert gave a view "behind the scenes: How SUSE and openSUSE collaborate". They explained the interaction between openSUSE community and its corporate sponsors and the sometimes conflicting interests.

Later I listed to Alan Clark to give some "OpenStack insights: the disruptive nature of open source cloud". He introduced OpenStack from the community and foundation site - not going into technical details of the implementation but more into the principles that are important for OpenStack and showed the great momentum that it has. From the discussions at the end, it looked that he might have recruited a new OpenStack contributor ;)

I also shot quite some photos and uploaded them to my gallery.